FAQ before charter

 What food is most suitable for sailing?

You may take whatever food you like. On the boats, you will find a fridge and most of kitchen utensils for making food.

What will we find on the boats?

You will find basic hygiene products, towels, bedding and kitchen utensils.

What clothes should one wear on the yacht?

With the sun shining, a calm and favourable wind blowing and the sea (the lagoon) warm and calm, all you will need is a cap, a pair of sunglasses and a sunscreen. You may want to take your swimwear – there might be a chance for a swim. However, sailing is varied, and we suggest you take long trousers, a windproof and waterproof jacket and a jumper. Sailing clothing is available upon request. It resembles ski wear but is more waterproof.

What footwear is most suitable?

The most important requirement for the footwear is that it does not scratch the yacht and are slip-resistant. Sports shoes will do.  

Is everyone getting a life jacket?

Yes.  On the boats, you will find all mandatory safety equipment for eight people.

Is there any exact entry and exit time?

The yacht is handed over on the chosen day at 9:00 AM, it must be returned before 8:00 PM on the last day.

Does the yacht sail if there is a storm?

The yachts do not go if the wind is stronger than 25 knots (~12 m/s), for the sake of the clients’ convenience and safety; however, this is a rare case.

Are we allowed to anchor the boat in the middle of the lagoon?

Yes, in most places.

Will we have to pay port taxes?

Yes, port taxes are paid by the boat crew. Taxes vary depending on the port.  

Is there electricity on the yachts?

220 V electricity is not available when sailing, only at berth in ports. 12 V battery energy is supplied to the major appliances during the sail.  

Are the yachts insured?

Yes, all Gosail.lt boats are insured.

How do we find you?

Our yachts are parked at Klaipėda Castle Port. Your best reference point is Priešpilio 4, Klaipėda. Once you arrive, call the captain – he will meet you.



Priešpilio 4, Klaipėda

+370 693 33999